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Water Filtration Problems

Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in Water Filtration | 0 comments

We all strive to maintain healthy habits. We read nutrition labels, drag ourselves to the gym, and try and get in our daily doses of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes however, the unhealthy elements are where we least expect them in our lives- our water. Not all tap water is equal and sometimes the water that we trust to be healthy and uncontaminated can have problems that prove to be detrimental to our health. Common issues that can arise in water filtration systems are: hard water, cloudy water, smell and taste of chlorine, taste and odor, and iron and magnesium. Hard water refers to water that contains high levels of dissolved minerals. Extremely hard water can be harmful to the surfaces it touches- from dishes to skin and hair.

Cloudy water is often a sign of high levels of turbidity, which means that it is unsafe to drink. Chlorine is used to kill bacteria in water pipes, however it should be filtered out of your water before it makes it to your tap. Therefore, if you smell chlorine in your water, it is certainly a sign of a filtration issue. Any strange taste or odor emanating from water is a sign of potential algae growth in your water supply. Iron and magnesium can leave rust colored stains in your sinks and appliances. All of these issues can be addressed by an up to date, properly working water filtration system. If you notice anything strange about your water supply, it is important to have it tested for any number of these issues, so that you know your water is safe and healthy.

Leading a healthy lifestyle has many elements and is not always the easiest goal. However, a good water filtration system can help you by ensuring that your water is always the healthiest it can be.

Preventing Workplace Accidents

Posted by on Aug 23, 2015 in Workplace Injuries | 0 comments

Most people expect to make it through their workday without much difficulty. For many people, their job involves sitting at a desk without much risk to their own personal safety or health. However, for some, their jobs require more challenging activities. While these careers can be very fulfilling, they also sometimes present dangers for employees. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the company to do everything in their power to maintain the safety and health of their employees, even under stressful or dangerous circumstances. If there is a failure to fulfil this duty on the part of a company, it could result in a workplace accident.

Common cases of workplace accidents include: Repetitive Strain Injuries (such as bursitis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome), Slip and Fall Injuries, Lifting Injuries, Back Injuries, and Head and Brain Injuries. More severe injuries are far more likely in jobs that require intense physical activities. However, more minor but still largely painful and inconvenient injuries can result from more sedentary careers and should be taken equally as seriously.

Innovative strides have been made in preventing workplace accidents. Pre-employment screenings can help make sure that potential employees are suited for their career paths. According to the website of the pre-employment screening professionals at WorkSTEPS, these screenings can help anticipate and prevent workplace accidents.

While workplace injuries are sometimes simply unfortunate accidents, in some cases they were preventable and result from the carelessness of neglect of an employer. If this is the case, the victim of such an accident may be owed certain damages.

Drug Possession

Posted by on Aug 21, 2015 in Criminal Law | 0 comments

These days there seems to be a different celebrity charged with a DUI every week, and today’s youth seems to be very aware of the legal troubles alcohol can pose in their lives. However, many young people are unaware of the specific legal consequences for many other illicit substances. Many have been taught that drugs are illegal and potentially addictive, yet they do not know the actual penalties associated with these very serious charges. It is important to know the repercussions for this illegal behavior.

According to the website of Bruno Law Offices, common drug charges are Marijuana Possession, Cocaine Possession, Heroin Possession, and Methamphetamine Possession. The typical sentence for a marijuana possession can range from severe fines to prison time, depending on the amount. The typical sentence for a cocaine possession for a small amount can range from four to fifteen years in prison. The typical sentence for a heroin possession for even a small amount can also range from four to fifteen years in prison. The typical sentence for a methamphetamine possession can range from one to fifty years in prison depending on the amount. These are not simple charges that may just require a fine or community service. Consequences for these illicit substances almost always involve a not insignificant amount of time in prison.

There is a taboo around illicit drug use, in which parents and authority figures do not want to talk about these potential dangers because they do not what to encourage their children or awaken their curiosity. However, it is important that young adults become aware of the legal consequences surrounding illicit drug use. The more they understand the severe repercussions for their actions, the better they can make wises decisions for themselves regarding these dangers. 

How Often Should I Walk My Dog?

Posted by on Aug 17, 2015 in Dog Walking | 0 comments

All dog owners want what’s best for their pets- they want them to be not just healthy, but happy and engaged. A huge part of this is making sure their pets get adequate amount of time outside to do what dogs do best- run and play. Many owners find themselves wondering: How often should I walk my dog? It is likely that thought is quickly followed by “What if I don’t have time to walk my dog that frequently?” The answer to the first question is not so simple: how often you should walk your dog depends on a number of factors, including your dogs breed, size, energy level and diet. As a general rule, however, it is important to walk your dog for at least 15 minutes about twice a day. This is important for two main reasons. The first is fairly obvious: exercise. According to the website of Walk! ATX, all dogs need to get out and let out some energy throughout the day, to maintain an active lifestyle. Just like human, dogs can develop health problems if they lead a sedentary lifestyle. The second reason is socialization. Dogs need to interact with the outside world and other animals in order to lead happy, healthy lives. A happy dog is one that can get out and play and make friends- and do their business.

However, many pet owners love their pets but simply don’t have the time to walk them so frequently during their busy days. Luckily, there’s help. Whether it’s for a short potty break or a long, energized run, there are people out there ready to be the solution for all of your dog walking worries. Regardless of your busy schedule, be sure your dog is leading a happy, healthy lifestyle every day.