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Posted by on Sep 24, 2017 in Criminal Law, Drunk Driving, DUI Defense Attorney | 0 comments

The Consequences of Being Charged with a DUI

DUIs are a very serious charge with long-term consequences. They can leave you with thousands of dollars in fines and you can have your license revoked for up to five years. Unfortunately, multiple offenses can land you in jail or even prison.

To get a better idea of how to avoid a DUI, the following are a list of people who found themselves in this unfortunate situation. The Chicago Tribune shares that a 47-year-old woman named Kristine L. Fuller was on the block of 1900 Wesley Avenue when she was charged with aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol. She did not have a valid driver’s license and she was driving without insurance in the parking lot at Ogden Avenue and County Line Road at 6:26 AM. The charge was an aggravated DUI because her license had expired the previous year. As this case highlights, it’s important to be sure to keep your license and insurance information up-to-date at all times. More importantly, never drink and get behind the wheel. Even if you aren’t on a busy highway, you can still be charged with a DUI in an isolated area, such as a parking lot.

38-year-old Bryan Zima had a similar experience when he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and not stopping at a stop sign at the intersection of Elm and First street. 59-year-old Sharon Case was charged with a DUI and not properly using a lane at Oakwood Drive on Sept 1st. Like these two, a lot of people get caught driving under the influence because they are unable to adhere to traffic laws. If you feel that you are unable to abide by the rules of the road because you have had a few drinks, it’s important that you find a sober driver or a rideshare company to help you out after you leave the party or bar. If you are seen swerving all over the road and are pulled over, any alcohol on your breath will tip off the officer and give them probable cause to administer sobriety tests.

It’s great that the Tribune brings attention to these reports from the police department. It will help other people gain a better understanding of what not to do if they are placed in similar situations. It doesn’t matter the time of day, whether it’s 6:30 in the morning or at night, if you are caught drinking and driving, you will go to jail and face a daunting charge. Not only that, these people were putting others lives in jeopardy by driving under the influence of alcohol. Having to spend a night in jail and pay hefty fines is one thing. However, killing an innocent victim because of drunk driving could lead to a prison sentence that will be on your record for a lifetime.

If you find yourself in this type of situation, It is important to seek out a professional DUI defense attorney for an initial consultation. They will be able to discuss the details of your case with you and set a game plan in motion. With legal counsel on your side, you may be lucky enough to get your case dropped or at least obtain deferred adjudication. We all deserve a night out to let loose every once in a while, just make sure that you have a sober driver waiting to take you home at the end of the night.

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Posted by on Aug 21, 2015 in Criminal Law | 0 comments

Drug Possession

These days there seems to be a different celebrity charged with a DUI every week, and today’s youth seems to be very aware of the legal troubles alcohol can pose in their lives. However, many young people are unaware of the specific legal consequences for many other illicit substances. Many have been taught that drugs are illegal and potentially addictive, yet they do not know the actual penalties associated with these very serious charges. It is important to know the repercussions for this illegal behavior.

According to the website of Bruno Law Offices, common drug charges are Marijuana Possession, Cocaine Possession, Heroin Possession, and Methamphetamine Possession. The typical sentence for a marijuana possession can range from severe fines to prison time, depending on the amount. The typical sentence for a cocaine possession for a small amount can range from four to fifteen years in prison. The typical sentence for a heroin possession for even a small amount can also range from four to fifteen years in prison. The typical sentence for a methamphetamine possession can range from one to fifty years in prison depending on the amount. These are not simple charges that may just require a fine or community service. Consequences for these illicit substances almost always involve a not insignificant amount of time in prison.

There is a taboo around illicit drug use, in which parents and authority figures do not want to talk about these potential dangers because they do not what to encourage their children or awaken their curiosity. However, it is important that young adults become aware of the legal consequences surrounding illicit drug use. The more they understand the severe repercussions for their actions, the better they can make wises decisions for themselves regarding these dangers. 

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