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Posted by on Jun 21, 2017 in Drunk Driving | 0 comments

How to Avoid Drunk Driving: Get a Driver

There are various effects of alcohol on the body. You may have limited body coordination, which is an important aspect of efficient driving. You may feel drowsy or fatigued that you can close your eyes while on the wheel, or worse, fall asleep. You may also have limited comprehension, making it harder for you to understand what is happening on the road.

These effects put you and the others around you at risk of traffic accidents. You clearly know it, but you continue to drive while intoxicated because nobody else is going to drive you home. There is a simple solution to this – get a driver.

Bring a designated driver

If you are planning to go to a night out with your friends, it is best to have a plan. Make sure you have someone with you who can drive for you when you are already physically and mentally limited because of alcohol.

This person could be one of your friends, or he could be anybody else that agree not to drink alcohol with you. It is even better if this person doesn’t drink alcohol at all. If you have a designated driver, you can drink all you want without having the worry of driving under the influence going home.

Use other modes of transport

The core idea behind getting a driver is the passing of the driving responsibility to a reliable person. You can bring a designated driver with you or use other transportation options in your area. As much as possible, drink in a place that is easily accessed by public transportation services, like buses. This way, you can convince yourself to take a bus instead of bringing your car with you.

What makes drunk driving worse is the fact that you can get arrested for it. You may pay fines reaching thousands of dollars, and on worst cases, you may even be required to stay in jail. DWI charges can be defended. But at the end of the day, why would you want to risk fines and jail times when you can take the bus instead?


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